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Advantages of WordPress

#1 Content Management System

WordPress is the number one Content Management System that is developed by an open-source community.

Open-source software

WordPress is an open-source software which is developed by a dedicated group of people from all over the world. This makes WordPress not only more secure, but also more reliable.

Flexible enough for every need

No matter if you want to host a simple blog or a complex multilingual website, WordPress can do all of this.

Enhanced through Divi

In combination with the premium theme and page builder Divi, WordPress unfolds new capabilities that allow building beautiful and performative websites.

Get your own website

Webdesign is a personalized service based on the individual needs of our customers. We take our time to find out what your website actually needs to create a lasting impact on your audience. Some projects will require more efforts, for example websites that should adress visitors in multiple languages or websites that require a lot of different subpages.

That is why we offer our services based on a fixed hourly rate to our customers. After a first conversation we will create an estimate for you based on your needs. This way you only pay what you really need.

In the following you can find a collection of webdesign projects that we have worked on in the past, including information about the features of the website and how long it took to design and setup.

Research project website

Personal website

Activist project website

Complementary services

Climate Positivity

Make your website more sustainable

18€ /per year*

Compensate for about 5.000 views per year to your website.

Features in this package:
Make your website climate positive
Receive certificate from GreenWebspace
Embedding of certificate on your website
* Price can change depending on your actual page views


Get the help you need

80€ /per hour

We support you in maintaining your webspace or website.

Included services:
Setup WordPress at other hosting providers
Create or restore backups
Add new plugins
Change configuration of theme
Add new pages or posts
Optimize website