Become independent
from cloud providers

While cloud services for the storage and sharing of documents, calendars or contacts are regularly attributed to commercial players, other solutions are available.

With a Network Attached Storage (NAS) system like the ones offered by Synology everyone can host their own Cloud@Home.

Get help
with the setup

Deciding which NAS system to buy, its setup and configuration can become a challenging task. With our services we offer help with these issues.

Based on your specific requirements we will recommend you a NAS system to buy. Beyond this we can also help you set it up and make it available through the internet.

Advantages of Cloud@Home systems

Easy to use user interface

We recommend using Diskstations by Synology as they provide a clear user interface that can easily be operated by everybody.

Diskstations come with an operating system that allows for various customizations and the possibility to add different applications to it, based on your requirements and needs.

This way the Diskstation becomes a place to synchronize and backup your data, to host your own calendars and contacts and all of this at home.

Synchronize your files across devices

No matter if you are at your laptop, your standalone computer, your smartphone or tablet, Cloud@Home solutions like thaose of Synology allow to store and access all of your data.

To increase security this can be limited to access within your own home network, which you can access on-the-go through a VPN connection.

We help you to decide which options are the best for your requirements and by this create a balace between convenience and security for you .

Host your own calendars

Knowing your schedule is crucial today to navigate between private and professional life. Synology‘s Diskstations thus offer the possibility to host your own calendars and access them either via a web application or directly on your phone and in your mail program.

By using the common WebDAV standard these calendars are compatible with every device no matter if it is macOS, iOS, Windows, or Android.

Host your own adress books

Over time all of us collect a variety of contacts in our digital adress books. This can be annoying, especially if these adress books are not connected to each other which might require manual copying of contacts from one device to another.

Every Synology Diskstation comes with the option to host your own adress books and synchronize them across all of your devices. By drawing on the common CardDAV standard this is compatible with a variety of devices.

Get your Cloud@Home system

Purchase Consultation

Make the right choice

80€ /per consultation

We craft a personalized purchase recommendation for you.

Features in this package:
1 hour of consultation
Written purchase recommendation
References to current offers
If you decide to also purchase one of our setup packages the price for the consultation will be reduced to 40€.

Internal Setup

Personal cloud at home

200€ /per setup1

Setup of your Cloud@Home system for access from your home network.

Features in this package:
Basic setup of your NAS
Creation of user accounts
Installation of applications
Configuration of your devices
Includes one hour of training
Includes a PDF quick start guide

External Setup

Personal cloud to go

350€ /per setup1

Setup of your Cloud@Home system for access via the internet.

Features in this package:
Basic setup of your NAS
Creation of user accounts
Installation of applications
Configuration for external access2
Adaption of router settings
Firewall configuration
Configuration of your devices
Includes three months of free DDNS2
Includes one hour of training
Includes a PDF quick start guide

1 The price does not include the NAS system itself.
2 To access your NAS via the internet requires a so-called Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) service. This can either be rented individually through betterNet or together with one of our webhosting packages and your own domain.

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