betterNet makes
you shine online

With our diverse portfolio that is specifically tailored towards academics and activists we make you shine online. Through our experience in these fields we know what is important to leverage your online presence.

betterNet rethinks
the way webhosting is done

While it is important to be present online today, the question is how this can be done in a sustainable manner. That’s why we approach this topic with a climate-friendly by default approach that takes the external costs into account.

Who We Are

betterNet is a Vienna based webhosting and webdesign company. In addition, we provide livestreaming services as well as cloud@home solutions. Our customers are individual researchers and organizations that engage with social, political or ecological causes.

We’re currently a small company that teams-up with external experts, such as illustrators, to create a lasting digital outreach for your cause.

Timo Bühler

I am the founder and CEO of betterNet. With my experience of working in the IT industry as well as a scholar at the university and my personal engagement for different causes I am aware of the specific needs that you have for your online presence.


I am the intelligent automatic assistant at betterNet (yes, I’m a computer program). I’m responsible for sending your invoices to you and for reminding you about upcoming payments. I’m always up to learn new things and I will probably take over more responsibilities in the future.