Digital outreach for a

better world

With our shared webhosting services we offer climate-friendly solutions for individuals and organizations that seek to present themselves or their projects online.

In addition, we offer custom webdesign services for individuals and organizations, as well as livestreaming services and Cloud@Home solutions.

Climate Walk project website
Livestreaming example

Services for a better world


Setting up a WordPress website on your own can take time and requires specific knowledge: How does WordPress work? What is a theme? What are plugins? How to customize the look of WordPress?

We can help you with this and set up your WordPress website by customizing a theme you have choosen and setting up the basic components as well as initital content.

Beyond this we offer individual training on how to keep your new website secure and up-to-date.


With our webhosting portfolio we are specifically oriented towards individual researchers as well as organizations that are engaged in social, political or ecological projects, causes or campaigns.

All of our webhosting offerings are provided through a climate-friendly hosting provider in Vienna.

Besides plain webhosting we also offer the management of your domains as well as the setup of custom mail addresses for you or your organization.


Sometimes events cannot take place in an offline venue, but have to take place in an online format.

In such a case livestreaming allows for new ways of engagement with your audience. No matter if it is for lectures, discussion panels or other interactive formats, we can help you to realize your plans.

Our services are provided by making the best of existing open-source software.


While major players like Google, Microsoft or Apple offer services to store and process data online more indepdendent options are available.

Personally owned and operated Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems allow for the same functionalities, but without having to rely on commercial vendors. Take back control over your data!

We offer advice concerning the purchase of such NAS systems just as we can assist you with its secure setup and configuration.

Reasons to trust betterNet

Climate-friendly by default

About 10% of the energy that is necessary to access a website is consumed by the involved servers. Even though this is a rather small portion compared to the 60% of energy that is consmed through the individual requests to access a website, it is a starting point for reducing CO2 emmissions.

That's why we at betterNet rely on the hosting technologies of GreenWebspace to make our and your website hosting more climate-friendly. GreenWebspace operates its servers exclusively with energy produced through hydropower.

Aware of your needs

With personal experience in hands-on research and teaching as well as different forms of activism we are aware of the specific needs these occupations come with.

No matter if it is about presenting your list of publications to the world or about call-to-actions to kick-off your campaign for a good cause we provide the fitting solutions for you.

Our references

Restoreseas is an iternational research project that aims to protect and restore biodiversity in our marine forests.
We have created a website for them to not only showcase how their project is structured and organized, but also to enable them to share regular updates about the project’s progress. The main idea for the website was to integrate the static information with the lively and dynamic content of blog posts.

The Climate Walk is a combined research, education and media-art project by the Wanderers of Changing Worlds. It is about walking across Europe to understand regional experiences of Climate Change.
For them we have designed a website that highlights the project goals as well as the progress that was already made. We also administer the hosting of their website as well as their communication infrastructure.

The “Lernnetz” is a project by the Austrian youth organisation “Junge Linke” that seeks to provide free tutoring for students across Austria. 
With their now new custom database and web interface the team behind the project is able to get an easy overview of all registered students and tutors. In addition, their new system, that is build with Retool, helps them to form new tandems easily.

The Climate Walk is a combined research, education and media-art project by the Wanderers of Changing Worlds. It is about walking across Europe to understand regional experiences of Climate Change.
For them we have organized and executed a live Q&A session with several participants via their YouTube channel.

Dr. Nina Klimburg-Witjes is an experienced post-doc researcher at the University of Vienna.
For her we have designed a personal website that displays her CV, publications as well as talks and workshops.